Managing Director Michelle has travelled to New Zealand many times but this time was different. This time the family decided they were going to try their hand at motor-homing from Christchurch in April.

The decision was made to spend 11 days in a Deluxe 4 berth motor-home and let the road decide on their destination. While most of the family were very excited Michelle was a very apprehensive. This wasn’t her style of travelling (she is a bit of a Fairmont girl).Would  After 11 days on the road she came away with an appreciation for this style of travel. I decided to ask Michelle a few questions about her adventures on the road.

What was the best thing about motor-homing?

Being able to unpack once, have all your facilities on board ie sink, toilet shower fridge cooking facitilies. Park on the side of the road for lunch, camp out for dinner. The 4 berth motor-home was easy to manoeuvre and you felt comfortable driving it through the cities. We I loved the freedom and flexibility to let the road take you wherever. Great to have caravan parks close by and you can pull in every few days to refresh and refill. You really appreciate the beauty of New Zealand.

There is an app that gives you places to park quite cheaply on people’s property ($NZD12 to NZD20 per night). As water is free in New Zealand you could fill up the tanks but you generally had to run off battery power unless someone Really convenient in the inner cities as Caravan park are based in the outer parts of the cities. If you were doing a tour you could be centrally based so you didn’t have to fight with the peak hour traffic so the app was handing to find places closer in the city.


Travelling with children can be tricky, sometimes they wake up happy sometimes they wake up grumpy (or mum and dad) . With the motor-home we had the flexibility to change our minds based on mood swings or weather. . We had a book that gave us lists of things to do with kids. We could let the kids decide there and then what our next adventure would be.

What was the worst thing about motor-homing?

Hardest part of motor-homing was getting the bath towels dry in the cooler weather of April. It was great to pull in to caravan park every other day to do some washing and refill tanks.

What would you have changed?

I would have gotten a bigger berth caravan to have a bit more space as the kids (9 and 11 years old) are getting a bit taller and it felt a little small. I would suggest 5 to 7 nights would be okay in the 4 berth but more nights I would suggest a 6 berth motor-home. There isn’t much room for your suitcases once you unpack them.

We all know you love a good Fairmont Hotel and this is a big step out of your comfort zone. Would you recommend this style of travel for other families who have never camped or motor-homed it before?

Definitely Yes. We had so many laughs and a different type of experience on this holiday. We camped under the stars (luxury….my style!!), we chose not to have the TV on, we went for walks, the kids sat by the water and rocks and experienced the beauty of New Zealand without devices :-). It was chuck on a trackie, get mud on your shoes, stick a beanie on our head and off we went exploring!