Business Development Manager Melaine discusses why she is now a cruise convert for her family holidays!

For many years we took our children overseas on standard land based holidays or travelled quite a bit in our caravan. It wasn’t until we had 8 children ranging in ages 3 years to 20 years that we started to realise how hard it was getting to find a holiday that suited everyone. My husband and I had cruised previously so we thought lets give it a go. When I say let’s give it a go what I really mean is getting a bunch of my friends and family together and getting everyone to experience their first family cruise at the same time. At the end 42 of us had booked onto the Voyager of the Seas for 14 nights cruising from Fremantle to Singapore.

By the end of the 14 days I realised a few things that I just have to share.

Don’t believe anyone when they say you should try a short trip first in case you don’t like it. At the end of it everyone agreed 14 days was just too short for all the fun we were having.

Every single persons holiday was totally different and tailored to each individual’s tastes and preferences unlike a standard land based holiday.

I actually felt like I had a holiday too. It was a wonderful feeling being looked after, having time to myself and truly disconnecting myself from the outside world that is always so rushed and full on. I could choose how much or how little I did without affecting the rest of my families experience.

Getting all my family and friends on board has created some of the best memories and now it is something we do regularly. Sharing these memories has bought us even closer.

Cruising is value for money. We spent very little on board because everything we needed was included in the cruise price.

Selecting the right cruise ship for your family is important. Not all ships are right for you. Always talk to experts before you choose your cruise. Price isn’t always the main factor in which cruise you choose.

The photo package was a fantastic way of getting photo’s of all my kids without breaking the bank and we all looked so happy and relaxed in every photo.

I would recommend cruising to all families. I came up against some objections from different members of our family and friends but all of them now agree….they had the time of their life. Don’t hesitate, create memories.