Michelle’s Tour of Crystal Symphony

by | Feb 28, 2018

Crystal Symphony, ‘Beautiful and Elegant’ my first words as I boarded this stunning ship. A contemporary style, light furbishing’s, open spaces that fl owed throughout the ship having a natural elegance about her. The Symphony was longer and taller than I
had expected however inside felt like home away from home, open spaces with a lovely open pool deck area to accommodate those aboard. With natural light fl owing in through large picture windows she felt open and spacious. I didn’t feel closed in or unsure which
way to go. As I passed through the ship, the hallways were open, light and airy easily leading to staircases and lifts. There was no echoing sound of people walking through the foyer or stairways, the stairs lined with carpet rather than marble as you may expect.
Oozing luxury yet contemporary look, it was such an elegant feel, she just fl owed from one lounge to another so tastefully.

To set the scene, I relaxed in the foyer lounge for a pre-dinner drink enjoying the sound of the piano man and the lovely lady accompanying him on the violin. Behind them a stunning statue with a waterfall giving a relaxed feel, with a through the window of the beautiful blue ocean. A deck above was the barista brewing coffee in the café lounge with a chocolate fountain and miniature cakes to compliment. The sound of the music flowed between the decks, with the view of the waterfall and the staff preparing your next drink. I haven’t quite found the words to share with you just how the staff make you feel, it was so different to anything I had quite experienced
cruising before. Almost seen but not heard, however they stopped and engaged in a conversation, a relaxed feel however butlers still delivered that exceptional service when required to your suite. The staff were a team, not on board to do a job, there were giggles
and smiles and I watched as the staff engaged with the clientele on board. As I made my way to dinner, the shops caught my eye, a range of clothing, cosmetics, jewellery and perfumes as there isn’t anything else to spend your money on, everything is included.
Such a relaxed feel, I couldn’t help fall in love with the Palm Court bar luxurious with floor to ceiling windows, a view of the amazing world as you cruise in true luxury soundings.

The theatre was full of guests laughing at the show as it finished. Passing by the well stocked library, one of the nicest I’ve seen at sea, this luxury ship kept amazing me. Computer rooms with extremely large Apple screens ready for the next work shop then
the food… Our dining experience was incredible. As the food is presented to you, there is just a wow! Presentation and service just the start of what then melts in your mouth. I ordered the Barramundi, lightly sauced with a crisp seal to the fish and the blend of
added dressing just exploded in your mouth. Desert was to die for and let’s just say I am hard to please when it comes to desert! There are 2 speciality restaurants onboard, the famous ‘Umi Uma’ and Prego Italian restaurant. With so many dining options you
are spoilt for choice. When it comes time to rest your head, the best way to describe the accommodation on board is ‘Luxury Suite Style’ with Egyptian cotton linens and menu of pillow options for every bed. With a range of staterooms to choose from I would
really need to show you some more photos, however I have included one to tempt you a Deluxe Stateroom with balcony.
I even asked a couple at the bar how they were enjoying their cruise and he simply replied ‘I wouldn’t do anything else, this is our 10th cruise on Crystal’. So many of us can say we done 10 cruises with one company… but not on Crystal, she doesn’t sail often
in to our waters and we need to fly to find her. Crystal’s overall price is more than we would expect to pay for a cruise, as the market is fl ooded with what seems to be great deals and offers. However, in the small print you will fi nd Crystal includes all your drinks,
yes alcohol and speciality coffees, unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi and each week you sail you receive 2 ‘Speciality dining’ experiences complimentary. You may ask how many passengers do I have to share this with, only 800 and what a difference that makes.

Michelle Hartland ~ Managing Director