Things you need to know before you travel

You have made the decision on your next exotic destination, that is AWESOME! We are excited for you. There is nothing like the excitement of your next adventure, the planning of all the touristy and not so touristy things you want to do, the anticipation of the amazing foods and sights, the day dreaming that gets you through.

Before you step on board that plane, cruise ship, train or bus, however, there are some not so fun things you need to consider. These are easily forgotten yet vitally important for any journey.

Australian reources

The Australian Government provide travellers with outstanding resources to assist them in those not so fun details.

It’s always been important to check warnings for your destination and any requirements before your next big trip, but now we are living with Covid-19 it’s even more important. Entry and exit requirements vary between destinations, on top of visas they can include things like proof of vaccination, Covid-19 testing and health declarations. Airlines may also have certain requirements for travelling with them.

Check the expiry date of your passport. In general, your passport needs to be valid for at least six months before entering a foreign country, so double-check early so you have time to renew it if necessary.

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Smart Traveller

Smart Traveller

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Entry Visas

Every country has different entry requirements for each Nationality. Requirements can change regularly, so be sure to check before you book, and regularly before you travel and while you are away so you’re not caught by surprise. If you need a visa for your destination, get your application in as early as you can.

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